Papers & Case Studies


"TMMi Structure - to Change or not to Change"
- Proceedings of the Workshop on the Advances of Information Technology , page 85-93, ISBN 978-963-421-942-2, Feb. 2024 (Katalin Balla)

"Costs and Benefits of the TMMi – Results of the 2nd TMMi World-Wide User Survey"
- Quality Matters, Issue No. 16, July 2023 (Erik van Veenendaal)

"Benefits of TMMi in Software Testing"
- White paper TMMi Foundation, June 2023, (Erik van Veenendaal)

"The new MDD and TAMAR" (A study on how MDD, the new CMMI assessment method can affect TMMi assessments)
- White paper TMMi Foundation, April 2023, (Katalin Balla, Jan Jaap Cannegieter and Erik van Veenendaal)

"TMMi, el estándar mundial para la mejora del Proceso de Pruebas"
- SQS Newsflash, No. 9, Diciembre 2022 (Jan Jaap Cannegieter and Erik van Veenendaal)

"TMMi, the world standard for Test Process Improvement"
- SQS Newsflash, No. 9, December 2022 (Jan Jaap Cannegieter and Erik van Veenendaal)

"Using the TMMi to Improve your Software Testing Process"
- Experimentus white paper, December 2022 (Martin Adcock and Simon Frankish)

"ISTQB, TMMi or Test Automation, Three Pillars for Success: The PPT Framework"
- SQ Magazine, Issue No. 12, September 2022 (Erik van Veenendaal)

"Motivations for and Benefits of Adopting the Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi)"
- Software Quality – The Next Big Thing in Software Engineering and Quality, May 2022, Springer Publishing

"Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi): Trends of Worldwide Test Maturity and Certifications" (pre-print)
- IEEE Software, March/April 2022, (Vahid Garousi and Erik van Veenendaal)

"Changes in CMMI 2.0 and how it can affect TMMi – part 2"
- Quality Matters, Issue No. 12, September 2021, (Katalin Balla and Erik van Veenendaal)

"Changes in CMMI 2.0 and how it can affect TMMi – part 1"
- Quality Matters, Issue No. 11, April 2021, (Katalin Balla and Erik van Veenendaal)

"Changes in CMMI 2.0 and how they can affect TMMi"
- White paper TMMi Foundation, December 2020, (Katalin Balla, Tang MiaoMiao, Paul Mowat, Matthias Rasking, Chaobo Shang,
Erik van Veenendaal and Zhai Hongbao)

"Context Driven Test Process Improvement with TMMi"
- Quality Matters, Issue No. 9, September 2019, (Jan Jaap Cannegieter and Erik van Veenendaal)

"State of Testing Report 2018"
- Experimentus annual TMMi Industry Survey Results

"How TMMi supports the Three Ways of DevOPS"
- White paper TMMi Foundation, December 2018, (Matthias Rasking, Jan-Jaap Cannegieter, Tim Moore and Paul Mowat)

"TMMi, the World Standard for Test Process Improvement"
- Quality Matters, Issue No. 7, October 2018, (Erik van Veenendaal)

"TMMi in the Agile Era"
-EuroSTAR e-book, September 2018, (Erik van Veenendaal)

"What We Know about Software Test Maturity and Test Process Improvement"
- IEEE Software, January/February 2018, (Vahid Garousi, Michael Felderer and Tuna Hacaloglu)

"TMMi, Accenture Test Assessment Framework and Agile assessments are the same, are they not PoV?"
- White paper Accenture, December 2017, (Paul Mowat)

"TMMi conquer the world"
- SQ Magazine, Issue No. 3, November 2017, (Debbie Archer and Erik van Veenendaal)

"Critical Success Factors for Test Process Improvement"
- EuroSTAR e-book, November 2017, (Erik Van Veenendaal and Graham Bath)

"TMMi and ISO29119: Friends or Foes?"
- White paper TMMi Foundation, January 2016, (Erik van Veenendaal)

Case Studies

"The story of DACHS’ Informal TMMi Assessment"
- TMMi Foundation whitepaper, October 2021 (Laura Albert, Olga Mezeiné Szabó, Erik van Veenendaal and Zsolt Hargitai)

"TMMi Implementation and Transformation"
- Quality Matters, Issue No. 9, September 2019 (Suresh Chandra Bose)

"Achieving TMMi level 3 - A Chinese Case Study"
- Quality Matters, Issue No. 8, April 2019 (Erik van Veenendaal, Chaobo Shang and Yihua Xu)

"How a Technology Client became 1st in North America to be TMMi Level 3"
- Pacific NW Software Quality Conference, October 2017, (Suresh Chandra Bose, Ganesh Bose)

"TMMi; process improvement for digital transformation - MTP's relationship with the TMMi model"
- June 2017, MTP, (Javier de la Plaza)

"Cognizant’s Success Case Study: Dell TMMi Certification"
- May 2017, Cognizant Technology Solutions, (Suresh Chandra Bose, Ganesh Bose)

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