TMMi Professional Exam

TMMi Professional Exam

The format of the examination is multiple-choice. Exams may be taken as part of a training course or independently (e.g., an on-line exam at an examination center or a public exam). It is recommended, but not compulsory to attend a TMMi Professional Training Course before taking the exam.

The examination comprise of 40 multiple-choice questions. Each correctly answered question is worth one point. A score of at least 65% (26 or more points) is required to pass.

The following download contains a selection of practice exam questions: TMMi Professional sample questions.

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Exam Provider authorized by the TMMi Foundation to run exams are:

Please contact them directly if you wish to take or book a TMMi Professional exam, or have any questions regarding the exam.

Online TMMi Professional Exams are available via:

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