Benefits Delivered

Benefits Delivered

TMMi is the software quality management and test maturity model used by organization to compare their maturity against using an accredited TMMi Accredited Assessment Method. This results in a plan for meeting the desired maturity level rating. Implementing the recommendation of the assessment enables organizations to derive many benefits and advantages, particularly around reducing Risk, Cost and Time whilst improving the Quality of software which meets the needs of the business.

To our knowledge, over 200 assessments have been conducted worldwide to deliver, when recommendations are implemented, these typical improvements:

  • 40% savings made after changes made to ensure certification to Level 3, for a UK Government dept
  • A UK bank saved 8% of their entire IT budget and improved development output by 12%
  • An insurance company saved £440,000 on a £2m project
  • A retailer saves at least 12% on every project after the improvements were introduced
  • A test services company increased their efficiency by 8%
  • A company improved their defect detection rate, DDP to 96% from 78 % during a period of 4 years moving from maturity level 1 to 3

For further information about these figures, please refer to the Case Studies section in the coming weeks or contact your local TMMi accredited Service Provider for their specific figures.

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