Assessment Reasons

Assessment Reasons

Below are just some of the drivers or circumstances when TMMi should be considered as the measurement part of an improvement or benchmark activity.

Optimizing Operations:

There are many challenges throughout the SDLC with many studies having been conducted pointing out the hidden costs of software development. Operationally these include:

  • Software released with too many defects (32% of organizations)
  • Lack of adequate software quality assurance program (38% of organizations)
  • Poor requirement practices (costs 60% on time & budget)
  • Poor management of stakeholders (20% of project test budget)
  • Poor monitoring and reporting (12% of project wasted)
  • Wasted Test execution time (up to 30%)
  • Rework (60-80% of the cost of software development)

Aligning with Business Drivers:

In an ever increasingly competitive world, there are many business drivers requiring:

  • Reduced time to market
  • Increased functionality and complexity
  • Increased reliability and quality
  • Increased speed of performance
  • Co-developed or outsourced development
  • Managing regulatory requirements
  • Meeting efficiency targets
  • Meeting quality targets
  • Improve application flexibility
  • Cost reduction
  • Understanding and controlling risk

Realizing the Benefits of Industrialized Practices:

  • No wasted effort in duplication or reinventing effort
  • Optimizes utilization of staff tools and infrastructure
  • Standardization of test and software quality management processes and practices

Enhanced Competitive Differentiation:

Whether internally or externally, to validate and demonstrate your capability using independently accredited assessors

Management of Outsource Partners:

  • Assuring an integrated process and practice to aid efficiency and reduce costs