Service Providers 2

Service Providers 2

The following organizations have been formally approved as accredited Service Providers having their own Assessment Method accredited by the TMMi Foundation.

Accenture TMMi Assessment Method 2.0
Cert no. 20150831-20180831-153640
Exp. 31 Aug 2018

Accenture GmbH

Matthias Rasking
Campus Kronberg 1,
61476 Kronberg,


+49 6173 94 67619

Experimentus TMMi Method v2.0
Cert no. 20150301-20180331-221306
Exp. 31 Mar 2018


Eric Riou du Cosquer
Société Certilog
5, rue de Broglie
22300 Lannion


+33 (0)2 96 38 88 42

Cognizant TMMi Assessment Method 1.3
Cert no. 20160630-20161231-220183
Exp. 31 Dec 2016

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Sriram Krishnamoorthy


Experimentus TMMi Method v2.0
Cert no. 20140718-20170731-210948
Exp. 31 Jul 2017

David Consulting Group

Thomas Cagley
Liberty Square, Suite B-2
270 West Lancaster Ave,
Malvern, PA 19355



Experimentus TMMi Method v3.0
Cert no. 20180831-20180831-013667
Exp. 31 Aug 2018

Experimentus Ltd

Clive Bates
12 Melcombe Place,
London,  NW1 6JJ


+44 (0) 207 871 2300

Experimentus TMMi Method v3.0
Cert no. 20170203-20200229-267178
Exp. 29 Feb 2020

JunYu Consulting Co, Ltd

Chaobo, Shang (Ella)


TMMi Assessment Method 1.0
Cert no. 20140331-20170331-023383
Exp. 31 Mar 2020


Javier de la Plaza

C/ Santa Leonor Edificio C, 4ª
28037 Madrid


+34 681285991

Experimentus TMMi Method v3.0
Cert no. 20170504-20200531-033446
Exp. 31 May 2020

Shenzhen Pioneer Operation Service Co.Ltd

Feng Xu


Experimentus TMMi Method v2.0
Cert no. 20160121-20180131-254714
Exp. 31 Jan 2018

Unis Huashan Technologies Co. Ltd.

Xu, Sheng


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