Read how organizations have benefited from using TMMi
There are many business reasons to use TMMi for test process improvement and become a TMMi certified organization.  Software product quality is indispensable in almost every working environment and business sector, especially in today’s society where successful digital transformation is a key to business success. Read and learn from other organizations why they used TMMi and what made TMMi so valuable to them.

"Kualitatem is the first organization in the MENA region to achieve TMMi Level 4 certification. As a testing service provider, we are committed to providing the best state-of-the-art testing services to our customers. TMMi helped us achieve that goal in a very comprehensive way. TMMi level 4-based Test Measurement and Analysis methodology, through defined key performance indicators, has helped us enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our deliveries. It also provides extensive and early insight to customers related to product quality, enabling them to make informed decisions on time. Using the TMMi Agile approach, we have been able to deploy testing best practices in varied life cycles. The TMMi best practices have enabled us to become a Center of Excellence, with a focus on both the people and process aspect. In essence, our journey with TMMi has not only elevated our organizational capabilities but has also positioned us as a trusted partner in the pursuit of excellence in testing services."
Nadia Irfan (Head of Process Excellence, Kualitatem, Pakistan) - January 2024

”We at Accenture in the Philippines first achieved the TMMI Level 5 Certification in 2020 – the first test organization and the first in the insurance industry in the Philippines to do so.  We have recently recertified to level 5 as TMMi is an important tool for us to continue to improve and to provide a quality service to our clients. Since starting our TMMi journey we have consolidated and improved all aspects of our testing; test management and planning, test environment management, test design and execution, static testing, risk mitigation, product quality evaluation, defect prevention, continuous test process improvement and more.  TMMi is more than a certification to us – we utilize the framework to ensure our existing processes are effective and efficient and to develop and assure new and improved ways of working.  We have an ongoing program of TMMi training for our people which ensures that we all understand the framework and how it contributes to the high quality of the services that we deliver. As our trusted  partner, Experimentus' expertise of TMMi assessments is invaluable in assisting us in achieving these goals.”
Le Rodrigo, (SQE/NONSAP Delivery Manager, Accenture Corporate IT, Philippines) – November 2023

"The Testing Center of ChinaBond and Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2020 and launched the TMMi project in 2021. The establishment of the test organization and TMMi project were carried out simultaneously. In two years time, we completed our quality system and also achieved TMMi Level 4 certification. Through the TMMi project, we have established the method of risk-based testing among all testers, established a standardized testing process, and laid a good foundation for testing capabilities. Through our independent research and development, we have completed the digital construction of the core test processes, including test environment management, test implementation management, test risk management, test asset management and automated testing. Furthermore, we have introduced various quality and risk models, using process data to enhance the ability to identify problems and risks in testing activities, and to reverse promote the optimization of test implementation activities, finally forming a closed-loop management of continuous improvement."
Huayun Tang (Deputy General Manager of ChinaBond Finance and Information Technology, China) - October 2023

"BearingPoint Ireland are the first organisation in Ireland to achieve Level 5 certification.  As a consulting firm it was important for us to be recognised as an organisation with test process improvement and test optimization built into our standard test approach. Our software team delivers software integration capability across various industries, using different methodologies. Achieving TMMi level 5 provides our clients with an added validation of our passion for quality and continuous test process improvement. We have a large software team with career testers and test managers with various levels of experience. Maintaining the standards laid out in the TMMi framework sets a clear benchmark for the team. The team are motivated and passionate about keeping test process improvement at the forefront of our software delivery processes."
Marie Ryan (Software Director and Head of QA, BearingPoint, Ireland) - January 2023

"Our testing teams at Blue Cross NC were relatively new with mixed levels of experience, process documentation, and reviews from the rest of our IT Delivery organization. We needed to make a change and embark on a journey to continually improve our testing and delivery processes in order to reach our IT goal of “Delivering with Quality.” TMMi certification process was a game changer to help us get there.  TMMi provided us with a clear framework for all processes that make up IT software testing, as well as the delivery process as a whole. Identifying the gaps and closing them was our focus to achieve quality & continuous process improvements were key success factor throughout our journey to achieve highest test maturity TMMi level 5. Step-by-step, our team built and improved processes; test systems; and knowledge management using the TMMi standards as a guide. We then inspected and improved some more. The entire IT Delivery organization bought in and saw the quality improvements as we progressed. Quality is now imbedded in our delivery. We have now achieved certification, but the TMMi framework continues to help guide continuous improvement"
Lane Hardin, (Assistant Vice President, Blue Cross NC, USA) - January 2023

"Guangdong Rural Credit Union achieved their TMMi level 4 in 2020, becoming the first banking financial institution in the Chinese rural credit industry to achieve this certification. Back to 2018 when we started implementing TMMi goals and practices, the test department faced challenges of lacking resources compared with the increased number of test projects and requirements for making quality visible to stakeholders via all kinds of measures. With the implementation of TMMi, we strengthened risk-based testing and streamlined our test processes, which helped us to develop products with high quality testing without increasing the test workforce much. With the implementation of objective based measurement and GQM, for different roles of the (test) organization the visibility of the test projects status and quality of the products being developed was achieved as needed. Other benefits include strengthened test management, a highly valuable test asset database, and a dedicated group of testing professionals. In conclusion, TMMi has been very beneficial for us and highly worth the effort spent."
Suqin Zeng (TEPG lead, Guangdong Rural Credit Union, China) - November 2022

"Almost ten years ago, MTP became the first company world-wide to be certified at the highest maturity level of the TMMi model (TMMi level 5 “Optimization”). In June 2022, MTP has re-newed its TMMi level 5 certification for the fourth consecutive time. For 25 years, MTP’s main business goal has been to assure the quality of the digital business to our clients. We are a reference in Europe in quality assurance services, leading from Madrid and other offices around Spain and with global presence in Brazil, Mexico, and USA. TMMi has also been a key factor in our diversification strategy given the specialization and practicality of the model. With TMMi, we have managed to apply the best testing practices in our organizations and for our clients of  economic sectors, such as telecommunications, banking, insurance, public administration, energy and retail, achieving tangible results of product and process quality improvement and a significant increase of client’s satisfaction."
Marcos Manchado (QA & UX Operations Director, MTP, Spain) – November 2022