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TMMi Professional

There are two full TMMi Professional sample exams (including answers and justifications) freely available.

You can book and take an (on-line) exam through one of our recognized TMMi exam providers (iSQI,. GASQ and Certible).

The syllabus defines the LO’s and in this case the exam structure.

This is correct, the TMMi Professional syllabus only covers the learning objectives (LO's) and exam structure. The LO’s in terms of detailed content are covered by other documents, in this case:

  • The TMMi model
  • The Little TMMi (book)
  • TMMi and Agile document.

This will keep the syllabus lean, and also implies the content is only documented in one place and not duplicated and to be maintained multiple times.


Certified TMMi test process improver

In general all test certificates that also demonstrate possessing in-depth testing knowlegde and skills are accepted. Examples include test certificates from CSTE, ICAgile, A4Q and the 'United-family'.

You can apply by submitting a form and the appropriate certificates / evidence to one of our recognized exam providers (iSQI, GASQ and Certible).

TMMi Assessment Service provider (ASP)

An accredited Assessment Service Provider (ASP) is a company that has been given the authority by the TMMi Foundation to perform informal and formal TMMi assessment in the market using an accredited TMMi assessment method (see below). This authority is valid throughout the globe.

An accredited Assessment Service Provider (ASP) is expected to have a number of employees that are accredited as TMMi (lead) assessor.

One can become an accredited Assessment Service Provider by filling out the application form and sending to the accreditation & certification chair of the TMMi Foundation. An important aspect to take into account is that an accredited Assessment Service Provider shall have access to accredited TMMi assessment method. There are a number of options to acquire access to an accredited TMMi assessment method:

  • Develop an TMMi assessment method based on the defined requirements and have the method accredited
  • Licence the TMMI Assessment Method (TAM) from the TMMi Foundation
  • Licence an accredited TMMi assessment method from another Assessment Service Provider
  • Use SCAMPI as its TMMi assessment method, whereby the Assessment Service Provider has a number of employees that have trained and formal certified as SCAMPI (lead) appraisers

To apply to become an accredited Assesment Service Provider, please contact us using the blue support button. You will receive an application form to be completed.

TMMi (Lead) Assessor

On the TMMi website you find a document TMMi Assessor Accreditation Criteria that describes in detail the criteria for becoming an accredited TMMi (lead) assessor.

This role was created as a means for individuals to achieve assessor status through the completion of relevant training courses and be listed as accredited on the TMMi website. Historically, an assessor could only become accredited if they had an assessment method they were affiliated to. An independent assessor can perform informal TMMi assessments, but cannot perform formal assessments.

After completing the necessary application form, the form (with appropriate attachments) needs to be sent by email to our accreditation chair, Mr. Clive Bates (

TMMi Assessment Method

TMMi Assessment Method Application Requirements (TAMAR) defines the requirements for constructing a TMMi assessment methods to be used with the TMMi model. TAMAR as such is NOT an assessment method; it is the requirements set for building a TMMi assessment method for use with the TMMi model.

A TMMi assessment method is a guide for the assessment team members of a TMMi assessment. As such a TMMi assessment method document contains guidance on how to perform and manage the assessment project. 

An assessment method is required to ensure that the TMMi assessment is conducted in a structured and well ordered manner. This is to ensure consistency of approach and of assessment findings. The requirement for a structured approach is also to ensure that the assessment is reliable and representative of the organization's test practices and complete its coverage of the TMMi model.

Yes, each organization must use an accredited assessment method for every formal TMMi assessment which they complete. An accredited TMMi assessment method is in compliance with TAMAR.

It is important that assessments provide a structured presentation of maturity levels, allowing for standard TMMi assessments and certification, enabling a consistent deployment of the standards and the collection of industry metrics. 

Anyone can, however the assessment will only be recognized as an informal or formal assessment if accredited TMMI (lead) assessors complete the assessment as per the requirements of TAMAR.

An accreditation of an assessment method will last 3 years after which one needs to re-accredit the method. This is to ensure that any changes made to TAMAR or the TMMi model are incorporated into the assessment method.

There are different fees to accredit and re-accredit assessment methods. See our current fees document for more information.


Test Asssement Method (TAM) is an accredited assessment method for conducting process assessments against the TMMi developed by the TMMi Foundation and licenced to organizations performing TMMi assessments.

Refunds are not normally given. However, if you need to undertake more assessments than those covered by your licence level, you will need to contact the Foundation.

A licence is purchased by an organisation for use by one (or more) of their employees (or subcontractors) who has undertaken the (lead) assessor training and has been accredited as a TMMi (lead) assessor. 

The TAM method pack documents are written in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The data collection tool requires IBM Lotus Notes run time software. If you have these packages loaded, then access to TAM method pack contents will be satisfactory.

TMMi Assessments

There are two authorized types of Assessment Methods, described as Formal and Informal. A Formal Assessment has a sufficient degree of rigor and corroboration which can result in a formal capability rating against the TMMi Reference Model. An Informal assessment does not require any corroboration of sources and will not result in a formal capability rating against the TMMi Model.

Assessment results are submitted through completion of the so-called Data Submission Form (DSF).

An accredited TMMi assessment method requires that results for formal assessments are notified to the Foundation via the Data Submission Form (DSF). Assessment service providers using TAM must register each assessment (formal or informal) under the terms of the licence. Further, it is strongly recommended that assessment providers also complete and submit a DSF for informal assessments as the assessor resource effort is registered towards (re)accreditation.

Both the specific goals and generic goals are within the scope of an informal assessment, this is no different than with a formal assessment. The only difference between the two types of assessments is the level of rigour.


As a member you will receive periodic newsletters with the latest news on the TMMi initiative and model, you can become involved in TMMi working parties and you are eligible to become part of the TMMi Foundation Executive when positions become available.

Note that being a member is a requirement for becoming an accredited TMMi (lead) assessor and for becoming a certified TMMi test process improver.

Today, membership is completely free of charge.

You can register online on and keep your data up-to-date by logging in with your username or e-mail, and password.

Go to the bottom of our homepage, and click on the tile ‘Become member’, or go directly to the login page by clicking on this link. Click on the button ‘Register as member’. A registration form will be shown.

Anyone with an interest in the objectives of the TMMi Foundation can become a member. Members have the opportunity, after also signing the NDA, to participate in TMMi Foundation working parties.