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new tmmi career path video

TMMi career path


The TMMi Foundation launched a TMMi  Career Path Video: Check out our new short video and discover your path to becoming a TMMi (Lead) Assessor or an official TMMi test process improver!

marcel mersie new member of local chapter team

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Marcel Mersie (The Netherlands) has become a member of the TMMi Local Chapter management team. With the growing number of local chapters there was a need to expand the current team. We very much welcome Marcel!

read the testimonial from accenture (philippines)



Two new testimonials from our users have recently been added to the website page. Read about the experiences of Accenture (Philippines) and ChinaBond and Information Technology (China) on their test improvement journey and becoming TMMi certified.

marcel mersie new member of local chapter team

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Marcel Mersie (The Netherlands) has become a member of the TMMi Local Chapter management team. With the growing number of local chapters there was a need to expand the current team. We very much welcome Marcel!

new tmmi general brochure available



A newly designed and updated TMMi general brochure now available. Learn how the TMMi can support you, either as an organization or as an individual. Check it out, read it, and use it in your marketing.

zentelia international TMmi conference



On November 22nd Zentelia will organize a virtual TMMi international conference. Well-knows TMMi experts such as Erik van Veenendaal, Clive Bates and Mark Summers are part of the speakers list. More information/registration:

TMMi keynote Erik van veenendaal at zentelia tmmi event

Montreal (1) (2)


Erik  van Veenendaal, CEO of the TMMi Foundation, will deliver a keynote at the Zentelia TMMi event, Montreal (Canada) on Nov., 22nd. The keynote is titled: "TMMi: Business-Driven and Keeping it Simple", a different/new approach to TMMi.

bank of england re-accredited at tmmi level 3

bankofengland (1)


The Digital Assurance and Productivity department of the Bank of England has been re-certified at TMMi Level 3 "Defined". The assessment was carried out by Experimentus, one of the world-wide leading TMMi Assessment Service Providers.

TMMi workshop jan jaap cannegieter at PNSQC conference

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Jan Jaap Cannegieter, an active TMMi Foundation contributor and co-author of 'The Little TMMi', will deliver a keynote and workshop at the next PNSQC. In the 'The Test Maturity Game' workshop attendees will learn about the TMMi and TMMi assessments.


ww survey (1)


The 2nd TMMi world-wide user survey is now published and freely available. Learn where and how TMMi is used, challlenged experienced and benefits (with examples) achieved. Now also with AI and Test Automation insights.

lightning scan tool webinar by TMMi America

TMMi America webinar


TMMi America will organize a webinar around the TMMi Lightning scan tool. You will learn how to perform a rapid assessment. The webinar is run by Suresh Chandra Bose, an accredited TMMi lead assessor. You can register using this link.

gilbert smulders on tmmi at the testnet autumn event

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Gilbert Smulders of ViQiT (a Dutch recognized TMMi Professional training provider) is speaking on TMMi at the TestNet autumn event (Utrecht, October 11th). His talk is titled: "TMMi in the western world". Good luck!!

lightning scan tool now supports french language

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The TMMi lightning scan tool very quickly provides feedback on your testing maturity. The new version of the tool includes French language. A demo of the tool is available on YouTube. You can download the tool via


1140 x 480_QM 16 - August 2023 (2)


In the latest issue of Quality Matters, the first results of the 2nd TMMi world-wide user survey have been published. Costs and Benefits of the TMMi – Results of the 2nd TMMi World-Wide User Survey. Happy reading!

clive bates speaking on tmmi at testistanbul 2023

testingistanbul2023 (1)


Clive Bates, the accreditation chair of the TMMi Foundation, is a keynote speaker at TestIstanbul 2023. The title of his talk: Evaluating Software Quality – The Journey of Test Maturity with TMMi. TestIstanbul will take place as a virtual event on October 5th & 6th.

ÇIÇEK TUNA new deputy TMMi training

cicek TP


Ciçek Tuna has become the new TMMi training deputy on the TMMi management executive. Graduated from Ankara Baskent University on Computer Engineering, she now works as a test automation consultant at Sixsentix in Germany. We very much welcome Ciçek!

new version tmmi lightning scan tool available

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The TMMi lightning scan tool very quickly provides feedback on your testing maturity. A new version of the tool has been released, now including to do the lightning scan in Chinese. You can download the tool via

China Mobile Information Technology certified at TMMi level 4

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The R&D Innovation Centre of China Mobile Information Technology, a leading Chinese operator, has been certified at TMMi Level 4. The assessment was carried out by Unis Huashan Technologies, a leading Chinese TMMi Assessment Service Provider.

Top 6 countries for tmmi professional

Top 6 countries (1)


Congratulations to the local chapters and TMMi training providers of 1. China, 2. UK & Ireland, 3. India, 4. France, 5. Mexico and
6. Spain being the countries with the highest number of exams for TMMi Professional.

Curacao ristng start of the year

Rising Star 2022 Curacao (2)


"While being only a small island, the CTQB has made impressive achievements. A training provider, 15 TMMi Professionals, 3 TMMi test process improvers, 5 TMMi assessors and also a first informal TMMi assessment are a representation of their performance."

TMMi America Rising star of the year

Rising Star 2022 USA (1)


"With many certified TMMi Professionals, 6 TMMi (lead) assessors, 4 assessments, 2 training providers, 1 ASP and attending every LC meeting, TMMi America ticks every box of being a rising star. In 2022 the Chapter even organized a virtual TMMi conference."

zentelia (Canada) TMMi professional training provider



A big welcome to Zentelia. Zentelia has just become the first recognized TMMi Professional training provider in Canada. The Zentelia professionals, being experts in quality assurance, will provide TMMi consultancy, assessment and training services.

China tmmi local chapter of the year

LC OTY 2022 China (1) (2)


"With 9 training providers and 12 ASP's China is leading the market. In 2022 25 new TMMi assessors were accredited. With almost 100 TMMi Professional exams and 49 organizations being assessed, China was by far the most productive Local Chapter in 2022."

Appfuxion Consulting (malaysia) certified at tmmi level 5

AFX_TMMi_1 (1)


Appfuxion Consulting based in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), offering among other Enterprise QA Services, has been certified at TMMi Level 5. The assessment was carried out by Planit Testing, a leading international TMMi training and Assessment Service Provider.

wHITE PAPER on tmmi benefits - with support of chatgpt

chatgpt (1)


A new TMMi Foundation white paper has been released on the Benefits of TMMi in Software Testing.  The paper also involved a ChatGPT experiment. The paper was written by Erik van Veenendaal and is now available for download.




The TMMi Foundation recently held two  successfull, well attended on-line meetings. One with all its Assessment Service Providers and (Lead) Assessors and one with its Local Chapters. The stakeholders were informed on all the latest news and items in progress.

read our TMMi Professional testimonials on the new webpage



Together with our training providers, the TMMi Foundation has started the initiative to ask participants to a TMMi Professional course for a testimonial. Visit the new website page and read what others think about TMMi Professional and benefits experienced.

tmmi lightning tool now available with italian language



The TMMi lightning scan tool very quickly provides feedback on your testing maturity. A new version of the tool has been released, now including to do the lightning scan in Italian. You can download the tool via

two updated Tmmi professional sample papers now available



Both TMMi Professional sample papers (A & B) have been updated and released. You freely use them while preparing for an official TMMi Professional exam, or just try them to find how much you already know regarding TMMi and maybe take the exam thereafter.

TMMi Best Practice Award presented in china

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During the iSQE conference in Henan (China) the TMMi Local Chapter presented for the first time "TMMi Best Practice Awards" to various certified organizations at different levels. As TMMi Foundation we congratulate all the winners!!

Ashurst (UK) certified at TMMi level 3 defined



The Testing and Quality Assurance department  of Ashurst (a multinational law firm headquartered in London) has been certified at TMMi Level 3. The assessment was carried out by Cognizant, a leading TMMi training and Assessment Service Provider.

Suresh Chandra Bose new president USA TMMi local chapter

Suresh (1)


Suresh Chandra Bose, former Director Consultancy at Cognizant (USA) is now the new president for the TMMi Local Chapter for the United States of America. Suresh is also an accredited TMMi lead assessor and trainer.


284064-cmmi-20-entenda-o-que-e-e-quais-as-mudancas-dessa-versao (1)


A new white paper has been released on the CMMI V2.0 assessments using MDD and it possible influence on TMMi assessments. The paper was written by Katalin Balla, Jan Jaap Cannegieter and Erik van Veenendaal and is available for download.

viqit (The Netherlands) training provider tmmi professional

ViQiT-keurmerk-300x169 (1)


A big welcome to ViQiT. ViQIT has just become a recognized training provider for TMMi Professional in The Netherlands. They have already scheduled their first official TMMi Professional course. Follow this link for more information.

new version tamar (TMMi assessment req's) released

ISO-Standards (1)


A new version of TAMAR (TMMi Assessment Method Application Requirements) has been released (R1.1). This new version shows the compliance of TAMAR with ISO 33002 "Requirements for performing process assessment".

new version of tmmi assessment method (tam) available

TAM v1.3 accreditation (1)


A new version of the TMMi Assessment Method (TAM) is available. The new method also includes a new tool and is available in mutiple languages. TAM can be licensed through the TMMi Foundation by Assessment Service Providers and accredited (lead) assessors.

huge growth rate tmmi certified organisations

growth rate (2)


Whereas the number of TMMi certified organizations in 2021 showed a growth rate of almost 40% compared to 2020, the growth rate during 2022 has even come to an incredible 62%!!  Congrats to all certified organizations and TMMi lead assessors involved.

free tmmi lightning scan tool released

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The TMMi lightning scan tool is intended to support a better understanding of TMMi, make TMMi more tangible and very quickly provide feedback on your testing maturity. You can download the tool via

Silvia Alzona certified as a TMMi test process improver

TMMi_test process improver_shot


We congratulate Silvia Alzona (Genesis Energy) based in New Zealand on becoming a certified TMMi test process improver. Check out the register of certified TMMi test process improver and the requirements for joining this select group.

measures (china) latest partner for tmmi training



We welcome Measures Technology LCC based in China as our latest recognized training provider for both TMMi Professional and TMMi Assessor training. Measures already has a strong CMMI training and implementing portfolio.

TMMI Foundation partner for SEETEST conference

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The TMMi Foundation is proud to again be a partner for the South East European Software Testing (SEETEST) hybrid conference that will take place in Bucharest (Romenia). The SEETEST conference is scheduled for September, 19th and 20th 2023.

luxemburg to become 29th tmmi local chapter

TMMi Local Chapter for Luxembourg


We are is proud to announce the 29th TMMi Local Chapter and welcome Luxembourg to the group! For more information, you can reach the LTB via via their website:

read our testimonials on the new website page



The TMMi Foundation has started the initiative to ask customers for a testimonial. Visit the new website page and read about the experiences of Blue Cross NC (USA), Guangdong Rural Credit Union (China) and MTP (Spain).

jay albertoe (Curaçao) to join the social media team

Jay (1)


We are very happy to announce that Jay Albertoe based in Curaçao has joined the social media marketing team. Jay is a highly experienced security tester and also a board member of the Curaçao Testing Qualifications Board (CTQB). Welcome Jay!!

first tmmi paper published in spanish



Three new TMMi papers can be found on the TMMi website. A white paper from Experimentus and a paper from Erik van Veenendaal and Jan Jaap Cannegieter published both in English and Spanish language: TMMi the world standard for test process improvement.

blue cross nc (USA) certified at tmmi level 5 optimization (1)


The Quality and Testing develity department,  of Blue Cross NC (USA) has been certified at TMMi Level 5 "Optimization" . The TMMi assessment was carried out by Cognizant, a leading USA-based TMMi  training and Assessment Service Provider.

new version of tmmi model framework released

test-maturity-model_1 (1)


A new version of the TMMi model is released and available. The new version is alligned with the ISTQB terminologie and CMMI v2.0. In addition the latest development regarding international standards, e.g., ISO 29119, are taken into account.

custommedia becomes a tmmi professional training provider

CMSB-Academy-Logo (1)


Custommedia a software engineering specialist based in Malaysia has become the latest recognized TMMi Professional training provider. Custommedia has a wealth of TMMi experience, being also a TMMi level 5 certified organization themselves.