Assessment Options

Assessment Options

There are three ways to go about having a TMMi assessment conducted:

1. Service Providers

Through accredited or Service Providers… (See here for the full list)

  • TMMi Accredited Service Provider have their own TMMi Accredited Assessment Method
  • TMMi Recognized Service Provider are using the TMMi Assessment Method, (TAM), developed and provided by the TMMi Foundation

Both types of Assessments Service Providers are using independently vetted and accredited assessors

Some advantages of using Accredited or Recognized Service Providers are:

  • Guaranteed use of an assessment model validated and approved by the TMMi Foundation
  • Experience has been gained from other assessments
  • Lead Assessors have been accredited by the TMMi Foundation based on their experience
  • Cheaper Total Cost of Ownership because of their experience
  • Their ability based on previous assessment to provide expert guidance for improvements implementation
  • They may have tools sets / frameworks to assist in improvements after an assessment to reduce time and cost of improvements

2. Accredited TMMi (Lead) Assessors using SCAMPI

The TMMi Foundation has not formally accredited the SCAMPI appraisal method for use on TMMi assessments. However, SCAMPI is recognized as a valid method to perform TMMi assessments.
SCAMPI Lead Appraisers (CMMi Institute certified and part qualified) may apply for TMMi Lead Assessor or TMMi Assessor accreditation provided they meet the defined criteria.

The set of advantages stated above, largely also applied with assessment performed by accredited TMMi (Lead) Assessors using SCAMPI.

3. Self Assessment Using a Accredited Assessment Method

This option involves having at least one TMMi Accredited Assessor (by acquiring the necessary training qualifications and skill) within the organization, in order to license from the TMMi Foundation or Accredited Service Provider an accredited assessment method.

4. Self Assessment without an Accredited Assessment Method

The TMMi model is freely available to download to enable you to study it and to use it as a guide for your own assessment approach. The resulting process improvement may not be as detailed or accurate as using an accredited and proven assessment method.