About Training for Assessor

About Training for Assessor

The TMMi Foundation is committed to a programme of formal training for all TMMi professionals. This programme starts with the TMMi Professional qualification, ensuring that all delegates have the opportunity to study and understand the TMMi Framework itself, and then progresses to workshops covering the skills and competencies required to perform, and ultimately to lead assessments against the model. For information on TMMi Professional please click here.

This flowchart summarizes the training, status and qualification path from start to accreditation as an Assessor or Lead Assessor, and is primarily aimed at TAM assessor resources although the training is generic enough to cover any proprietary methods accredited as well. (Please note that for assessor and lead assessor resources to undertake formal assessments, they need to be accredited against an accredited assessment method.)

There are three courses available as noted in the above flowchart:

It is a prerequisite that any attendees on the assessor training courses need to hold the TMMi Professional certificate. For assessors and lead assessors, progress is assessed by means of continuous assessment and/or class tests or formal examination. On successful completion, each Assessor or Lead Assessor candidate should apply to the TMMi Foundation for formal accreditation. (See the assessor accreditation requirements.)

A schedule of public assessor training courses is available. If there are no suitable dates and/or locations for you, please contact us through the Support Button located in the bottom right of this screen, to raise a ticket.