Polish Local Chapter

Polish Local Chapter

Local Chapter Name: TMMi Polish Local Chapter ​

Acronym: PLC

Country/Region: Poland

Board’s Official website: www.sjsi.org​

Address: ul. Poznańska 16 lok. 4
00-680 Warszawa, POLAND​

Email: ​tmmi@sjsi.org

Contact Person: Karolina Zmitrowicz​

Title: Chair Polish Testing board​


“W. Edwards Deming said: Quality comes not from inspection, but from improvement of the production process. I strongly believe this statement is still valid. Typical IT organizations focus too much on testing and quality control of solutions. These are certainly important activities from the point of view of ensuring the quality of the final product, but from the perspective of the development process effectiveness it is also a kind of waste. That is why we want to promote methods that enable us to reduce waste while increasing the chances of achieving high quality products. One of such methods, which effectiveness and value is confirmed by the experience of many companies, is TMMI. With these products we can achieve higher quality of testing processes, which can lead to higher quality of development processes and – in the end – to higher quality product.” –  Karolina Zmitrowicz, Chair Polish Testing Board & Leader Polish Local TMMi Community