TMMi Documents

TMMi Documents

All documents contained in this section are in pdf format unless otherwise stated. If you encounter any difficulty in obtaining the documents, please let us know.

TMMi The Model

These documents describe the structure of the TMMi Reference Model including details of each level. *The following documents are provided in Adobe pdf format unless otherwise stated.

TMMi Reference Model (English)
TMMi Reference Model (French)
TMMi Reference Model (Chinese)
TMMi Reference Model (Spanish)

TMMi Assessment Method Application Requirements (TAMAR)

This defines the requirements for constructing Assessment Methods to be used with the reference model

TMMi Assessment Method Application Requirements

TAM (TMMi Assessment Method)

TMMi Assessment Method Licence Agreement

Sample TAM Licence pack agreement

Current TAM Licence Fees – see Fees document below

Assessor Documents

TMMi Qualification Flowchart showing the qualifications stages to becoming an accredited Lead Assessor.

TMMi Qualification Flowchart

Use this checklist to ensure that Assessor Applications meet the required criteria prior to submission.

New!  TMMi Assessor Accreditation Criteria v2.4

Complete this form for both Assessor and Lead Assessor applications, ensuring that the criteria above are complied with.

New! TMMi Assessor Application Form

Fees and Support

Current fees for accreditation, assessor subscriptions and supporter donations

New! TMMi fees and support

Assessment Data Submission

This defines the requirement for submitting TMMi Assessment results and Assessor reports.

Data Submission Requirements

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