Accredited Assessors

Accredited Assessors

The following individuals have been accredited as Assessors using the method(s) listed


Assessor ID Name Organization Cert No Expiry
BRKS-788140 S. BARKLEY Experimentus Ltd BRKS-788140-L-2017122 31-Dec-2017
BTSC-570600 C. BATES Experimentus Ltd BTSC-570600-L-2018039 31-Mar-2018
CHXH-723433 H. CHO STA Consulting Inc CHXH-723433-L-2016025 29-Feb-2016
DXXA-800160 A. DEO Accenture GmbH DXXA-800160-L-2017060 30-Jun-2017
FRNS-671388 S.A. FRANKISH Experimentus Ltd FRNS-671388-L-2018013 31-Jan-2018
GNSS-760905 S.C.B. GANESH BOSE Cognizant Technology Solutions GNSS-760905-L-2017129 31-Dec-2017
HWLI-699916 I. HOWLES Cognizant Technology Solutions HWLI-699916-L-2020066 30-Jun-2020
HWSA-553904 A. HOWES Experimentus Ltd HWSA-553904-L-2018030 31-Mar-2018
KMXK-711660 K. KIM STA Consulting Inc KMXK-711660-L-2016028 29-Feb-2016
KWNW-687277 W. KWON STA Consulting Inc KWNW-687277-L-2016019 31-Jan-2016
MWTP-751411 P.J. MOWAT Accenture GmbH MWTP-751411-L-2016107 31-Dec-2017
RDCE-743341 E. RIOU DU COSQUER Certilog RDCE-743341-L-2016101 31-Oct-2016
RMKS-803223 S. RAMAKRISHNAN Cognizant Technology Solutions RMKS-803223-L-2016031 31-Mar-2016
RSKM-746669 M. RASKING Accenture GmbH RSKM-746669-L-2016080 31-Aug-2016
RNXL-793559 L. REN JunYu Consulting Co, Ltd RNXL-793559-L-2020044 30-Apr-2020
TNGM-793159 M. TANG Shenzhen Pioneer Operation Service Co.Ltd TNGM-793159-L-2020050 30-May-2020
VNNE-629399 E.P.W.M. VAN VEENENDAAL Experimentus Ltd VNNE-629399-L-2016016 31-Jan-2016
WLLB-556857 B.K. WELLS Independent WLLB-556857-L-2016039 31-May-2017
YNXJ-678600 J. YOON STA Consulting Inc YNXJ-678600-L-2016017 31-Jan-2016


Assessor ID Name Organization Cert No Expiry
BDLN-813564 N.A. ABDUL RAHIM Experimentus Ltd BDLN-813564-A-2020042 30-Apr-2020
BLLK-610698 K. BALLA Independent Provider BLLK-610698-L-2020073 31-Jul-2020
BNGT-716369 T. BANGA Experimentus Ltd BNGT-716369-A-2016042 30-Apr-2016
BLLP-811327 P.J. BELL Experimentus Ltd BLLP-811327-A-2017044 30-Apr-2017
BLCR-641013 R. BLACK Experimentus Ltd BLCR-641013-A-2020056 31-May-2020
CGLT-556807 T.M. CAGLEY David Consulting Group CGLT-556807-A-2017129 31-Dec-2017
DLXM-679265 M. DOEL Experimentus Ltd DLXM-679265-A-2018038 31-Mar-2018
DGRG-824462 G. DOGRA Accenture GmbH DGRG-824462-A-2020061 30-Jun-2020
DYNP-792668 P. DAYANANDA Cognizant Technology Solutions DYNP-792668-A-2017014 31-Jan-2017
GPNA-824421 A. GOPINATH Cognizant Technology Solutions GPNA-824421-A-2016129 31-Dec-2016
JSHK-671113 K. JOSHI Experimentus Ltd JSHK-671113-A-2017028 28-Feb-2017
JSHR-659565 R. JOSHI Experimentus Ltd JSHR-659565-A-2016123 31-Dec-2016
KMXK-769871 K. KIM STA Consulting Inc KMXK-769871-A-2016021 29-Feb-2016
KNGS-758224 S. KANG STA Consulting Inc KNGS-758224-A-2016021 29-Feb-2016
MCLF-621905 F. MCLACHLAN Experimentus Ltd MCLF-621905-A-2016120 31-Dec-2016
MDTH-795762 H. MD TAHIR Experimentus Ltd MDTH-795762-A-2020044 30-Apr-2020
MHDH-724064 H. MOHD HALID Experimentus Ltd MHDH-724064-A-2020040 30-Apr-2020
MNTJ-753633 J. MONTOYA GUERRERO Accenture GmbH MNTJ-753633-A-2016108 31-Oct-2016
PLZJ-763166 J. DE LA PLAZA Metodos y Tecnologia de Sistemas y Procesos SL PLZJ-763166-A-2020069 30-Jun-2020
PRDJ-553212 J.S. PURDY Experimentus Ltd PRDJ-553212-A-2017123 31-Dec-2017
RWSN-626512 N. RAWSON Experimentus Ltd RWSN-626512-A-2016082 31-Oct-2017
SHXY-780896 Y. SHI JunYu Consulting Co, Ltd SHXY-780896-A-2018022 28-Feb-2018
SNDN-828848 N. SUNDARAVEL Accenture GmbH SNDN-828848-A-2018013 31-Jan-2018
STBK-771578 K.A. STIBBON Experimentus Ltd STBK-771578-A-2020032 31-Mar-2020
SZRN-809338 N. SUZARI Experimentus Ltd SZRN-809338-A-2017028 28-Feb-2017
VZQM-770288 M. VAZQUEZ CECILIA Accenture GmbH VZQM-770288-A-2016119 30-Nov-2016
YXXL-810578 L. YE China Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Group YXXL-810578-A-2017048 30-Apr-2017
ZHXH-825403 H. ZHU Shenzhen Pioneer Operation Service Co.Ltd ZHXH-825403-A-2020052 31-May-2020
ZNLH-893280 H. ZAINAL Experimentus Ltd ZNLH-893280-A-2020057 31-May-2020

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