Certified Organizations

Certified Organizations

The following organizations have been formally assessed by an accredited Service Provider:

TMMi Level 2 – Managed: Certified Organizations

BCA Group (IT) – United Kingdom
Certificate: HWSA-553904-141124-5280300672, Expiry: 30-Nov-2017, Provider: Experimentus Ltd

CTBC BANK CO., LTD. Taiwan (TcoE) – China
Certificate: RNXL-793559-170426-5366801299, Expiry: 30-Apr-2020, Provider: Junyu Consulting Co. Ltd

ITSTAR Co., LTD. (Development & Operation Division) – South Korea
Certificate: YNXJ-678600-140225-3579700538, Expiry: 28-Feb-2017, Provider: STA Consulting Inc

Onycom Inc (QA, ICT Solution, IT Service Division) – South Korea
Certificate: KWNW-687277-151211-2199000957, Expiry: 31-Dec-2018, Provider: STA Consulting Inc

Vanquis Bank (IT Testing) – United Kingdom
Certificate: HWSA-553904-160728-1650301167, Expiry: 31-Jul-2019, Provider: Experimentus Ltd

TMMi Level 3 – Defined: Certified Organizations

Axpe Consulting (None indicated) – Spain
Certificate: FRNS-671388-160229-0804400985, Expiry: 28-Feb-2019, Provider: Experimentus Ltd

Bank of Communications Co., Ltd.  (Test Center) – China
Certificate: RNXL-793559-161216-4488101251, Expiry: 31-Dec-2019, Provider: Unis Huashan Technologies Co. Ltd

BNP Paribas Cardif (DSI Centre de Test) – France
Certificate: FRNS-671388-151215-2807100961, Expiry: 31-Dec-2018, Provider: Certilog

Brooks Macdonald (ICT) – United Kingdom
Certificate: HWSA-553904-160610-1653301042, Expiry: 30-Jun-2019, Provider: Experimentus Ltd

China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd (Test Center of Information & Technology Dept.) – China
Certificate: RNXL-793559-160930-1746501199, Expiry: 30-Sep-2019, Provider: Unis Huashan Technologies Co. Ltd

Crédit Agricole Payment Services (Centre de Qualification Fonctionnelle) – France
Certificate: RDCE-743341-171015-1097601420, Expiry: 31-Oct-2020, Provider: Certilog

De La Rue (Solutions Software Testing & Assurance) – United Kingdom
Certificate: BTSC-570600-141105-2336200648, Expiry: 30-Nov-2017, Provider: Experimentus Ltd

Dell Inc (Enterprise Validation) – United States of America
Certificate: GNSS-760905-160301-1130800970, Expiry: 31-Mar-2019, Provider: Cognizant Technology

EVRY (Finance and Services) – Norway
Certificate: LSNK-642711-140430-4222500558, Expiry: 30-Apr-2017, Provider: SoftwareTest.dk

Guangdong Credit Cooperate Clearing Center (TCoE) – China
Certificate: RNXL-793559-171026-2446401416, Expiry: 31-Oct-2020, Provider: JunYu Consulting Co., Ltd

Hanwha Systems Co., LTD (R&D Division) – South Korea
Certificate: KMXK-711660-151026-4161800877, Expiry: 31-Oct-2018, Provider: STA Consulting Inc

HeiTech Padu Berhad (Testing Service) – Malaysia
Certificate: BTSC-570600-170810-6086401383, Expiry: 31-Aug-2020, Provider: Experimentus Ltd

LIG Nex1 (Research & Development Division)
Certificate: KWNW-687277-150313-0110300777, Expiry: 31-Mar-2018, Provider: STA Consulting Inc

Manthra Software Services SDN BHD Manthrasoft – Malaysia
Certificate: HWSA-553904-180130-1840101497, Expiry: 31-Jan-2021, Provider: Experimentus Ltd

Mesiniaga (Quality Assurance) – Malaysia
Certificate: HWSA-553904-160322-6246600997, Expiry: 31-Mar-2019, Provider: Experimentus Ltd

MDP Consulting SAC, Peru (Testing Factory de MDP Consulting SAC)
Certificate: WLLB-556857-170401-2478701287, Expiry: 30-Apr-2020, Provider: Metodos y Tecnologia de Sistemas y Procesos S.L.

MTP Brazil (MTP Brazil)
Certificate: WLLB-556857-150706-0254500834, Expiry: 31-Jul-2018, Provider: Metodos y Tecnologia de Sistemas y Procesos S.L.

RBS Corporate Banking Division (Business Testing Assurance) – United Kingdom
Certificate: HWSA-553904-130701-5532800380, Expiry: 31-Jul-2016, Provider: Experimentus Ltd

Red de Software Labs de Indra
(Indra Software Labs España, Indra Philippines INC, Indra Panamá, Indra Soluçoes e Serviços, Tecnológicos SA, Indra Sistemas Sucursal Colombia, Indra Colombia LTDA)

Certificate: WLLB-556857-170430-5714601329, Expiry: 30-Apr-2020, Provider: Metodos y Tecnologia de Sistemas y Procesos S.L.

Shanghai Pudong Developement Bank Co., Ltd (Test Center Information & Technology Dept.) – China
Certificate: ZHXH-825403-160328-2104801007, Expiry: 31-Mar-2019, Provider: China Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Group

Sopra Steria (France) (Test Service Centre) – France
Certificate: HWSA-553904-151127-0668500923, Expiry: 30-Nov-2018, Provider: Experimentus Ltd

Taikang Insurance Group Inc (Data and Information Services Center) – China
Certificate: RNXL-793559-170227-5159601270, Expiry: 29-Feb-2020, Provider: Junyu Consulting Co Ltd

Transport for London (IM Testing Services / IM Assurance and Acceptance) – United Kingdom
Certificate: MRXT-721386-141028-0450300638, Expiry: 31-Oct-2017, Provider: Experimentus Ltd

TMMi Level 4 – Measured: Certified Organizations

Bank of Communcations Co., Ltd (Test Center) – China
Certificate: TNGM-793159-171208-3996301457, Expiry: 31-Dec-2020, Provider: SHENZHEN PIONEER OPERATION SERVICE CO.LTD

Deutsche Bank (GTO/ISTS/QA&Testing/GTFS) – Germany
Certificate: RSKM-746669-151030-6231300888, Expiry: 31-Oct-2018, Provider: Accenture GmbH

J Sainsbury plc (Digital & Technology Testing & Environment Services) – United Kingdom
Certificate: FRNS-671388-160520-5909601021, Expiry: 31-May-2019, Provider: Experimentus Ltd

Luxoft (Financial Services) – Poland
Certificate: FRNS-671388-160927-5465301174, Expiry: 30-Sep-2019, Provider: Experimentus Ltd

Vodafone UK Enterprise IT (Test Management Services provided by TCS) – United Kingdom / India
Certificate: BRKS-788140-170728-4537701374, Expiry: 31-Jul-2020, Provider: Experimentus Ltd

TMMi Level 5 – Optimization: Certified Organizations

Custommedia Sdn Bhd (V&V Services) – Malaysia
Certificate: BTSC-570600-161201-6103901206, Expiry: 31-Dec-2019, Provider: Experimentus Ltd

HMRC Test & Release Delivery Group (Capgemini / Sogeti Test and Release Service) – United kingdom
Certificate: HWSA-553904-171120-6101201443, Expiry: 30-Nov-2020, Provider: Experimentus Ltd

Home Office DDaT (Quality Assurance and Testing) – United Kingdom
Certificate: HWSA-553904-170117-5412001263, Expiry: 31-Jan-2020, Provider: Experimentus Ltd

HPIT TCoE (Shanghai) (TCoE) – China
Certificate: BTSC-570600-150130-3731600721, Expiry: 31-Jan-2018, Provider: Experimentus Ltd

IGT Solutions Pvt. Ltd (Software Testing Services & Consultancy) – India
Certificate: HWSA-553904-141031-6242400627, Expiry: 31-Oct-2017, Provider: Experimentus Ltd

Malaysian Software Testing Board (QLab Testing Services) – Malaysia
Certificate: BTSC-570600-160516-0400601013, Expiry: 31-May-2019, Provider: Experimentus Ltd

Certificate: WLLB-556857-160715-1603501156, Expiry: 31-Jul-2019, Provider: Independent

Tech Mahindra (Test Factory) – India
Certificate: HWSA-553904-170715-6180801368, Expiry: 31-Jul-2020, Provider: Experimentus Ltd

Valores Corporativos Softtek SA DE CV (QA and Validation Practice) – Mexico
Certificate: HWSA-553904-161217-4545801221, Expiry: 31-Dec-2019, Provider: Experimentus Ltd

Virgin Media (Virgin Media Test Service and Accenture) – United Kingdom
Certificate: BTSC-570600-150915-1999300853, Expiry: 30-Sep-2018, Provider: Experimentus Ltd

Vodafone (UK IT) – United Kingdom
Certificate: FRNS-671388-150223-1485500768, Expiry: 28-Feb-2018, Provider: Experimentus Ltd

Wipro Limited (Testing Services: Banking, Securities & Capital Market and Insurance) – India
Certificate: HWSA-553904-141021-0025400616, Expiry: 31-Oct-2017, Provider: Experimentus Ltd

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