Read what former participants say about TMMi Professional

"Attended a very interesting in-house training at CJIB. Highly intesting to evaluate the test maturity of your organization in a structured way. Also very nice to have learnt how the theory of TMMi can also be applied in an Agile context."
Willem Keesman (CJIB, The Netherlands)

"I count myself lucky to have taken the TMMi training given by one of the authors himself. As for the course content, the exercises and mock exams are very well done and help with understanding, integration and preparing well for the exam. For me, it was much more than just a training course. I'd say that anyone called upon to work in a software development team should take it. The training is high-level, but the framework that accompanies it is very detailed and proposes a way of doing things that touches on all the dimensions surrounding software development.  Although the primary objective of this content is to assess the maturity level of a quality team's practices, it is a valuable reference and guide to be kept, used and shared."
Joëlle Genois (Zentelia, Canada)

"I greatly appreciated the TMMI Professional course. The training includes: several modules explaining the concepts, the TMMI framework/model, exercises and examples of software quality problems found in the market. We were very well prepared to pass the TMMI Professional certification. I highly recommend his TMMI professional training.”
Michel Boies (Zentelia, Canada)

 "I found the course incredibly useful.  The course content is substantial and the tutor informative. I have used the information to re-think several areas within my own team, with a view to making a number of improvements to the way we write, maintain and adhere to our testing processes, standards and practises."

 "Before the training, I was thinking that TMMi is too hard to complete because it has too much documentation online, I even didn’t know where to start! With this training, the trainer enlightened us with his great experiences and just made it so simple for us to understand and we are now acknowledged perfectly. It was such a great experience from our side to listen to TMMi Professional first hand, the trainer giving examples from his own experiences. We had the pleasure to ask our real-life questions and being test consultants discussed the situations directly which made us understand TMMi, its benefits and how to apply and implement much better.”
Ciçek Tuna (Sixsentix, Germany)

“We undertook the TMMi professional course not only to gain a better understanding of TMMi, but also to help create a mindset amongst staff around reflecting, challenging and improving our standards.  Although the course covered a lot of information in a short time, it wasn’t overwhelming and contained a nice balance of theory with practical examples to aid learning.  The trainer was clearly an expert in this field and provided an environment where we could interact and ask questions.  The training has led to many of our staff achieving the TMMi Professional qualification and also take what has been learnt as a regular practice in their day-to-day jobs.”

“The course really gave body and perspective to what we were already doing within our testing team. It provided with a lot of tips and tricks and a good overview of the whole of TMMI, Assessments and how to deal with implementing the improvements. I was able to take ideas with me and implement them straight away. It was also nice to exchange thoughts with others and to hear how Test Maturity and Testing in general is tackled within their businesses and exchange ideas, tips and tricks, template.”