The TMMi Assessment Method

The TMMi Assessment Method


The TAM has been developed to provide organizations with an assessment method to evaluate against the TMMi model, which results in a plan for reducing Risk, Cost and Time whilst improving the Quality of software which meets the needs of the business.

For a high level view of the structure of the TAM: each process area contains, goals and practices (see the structure in figure 2 below) the criteria of which when compared to existing practices, will results in a plan for improvements specific to the organization.

TAM Method

Adding the ā€œiā€ to TMM making it TMMi reflects the link to the CMMi model, integrating the Generic Goals and Practices introduced in the CMMi model to also related to the TMMi model. Thus to achieve TMMi level 2 organizations need to have Generic Goals and Practices in place for the 5 Key Process Areas on level 2.