TAM Licensing

TAM Licensing

Training in the method is needed in order to be authorized to use the TAM and there is a set of qualifications designed to enable suitably experienced test practitioners to take part in or lead a TMMi assessment.

Details of the costs and License Agreement for the TAM Licence Pack can be downloaded from our downloads section. Licences can be purchased by completing the Service Provider application form, indicating that you will be using the TAM license. You should also indicate the license level required based on the number of assessments per annum.

Please note that, for your application to be successful as a Service Provider using the TAM accredited assessment method, you need to confirm that the assessor resources listed have successfully competed the approved assessor training course.

On receipt of the signed End User Licence Agreement and payment of the invoice, the TAM Pack will be made available for download from a secure FTP site and your organization listed on the Foundation website as a TAM Service Provider (although not an Accredited Service Provider – until you have Accredited Assessors).

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