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Learn more about the TMMi model from our Directors, TMMi Assessors and TMMi practitioners from around the globe at the following events:

7th World Congress for Software Quality
Lima Peru – March 20th-22nd


Test Process Improvement with TMMi – also in the Agile era!
Erik van Veenedaal – Tutorial 1 – Monday 20th March 2017

Abstract: The Test Maturity Model integration has a rapidly growing uptake and is now the de-facto world-wide standard for test process improvement. Its’ growing popularity is based upon it being the only independent test process improvement model, and the simple presentation of maturity levels that it provides. The mistaken belief is that the TMMi and Agile approaches are at odds. Agile approaches and TMMi can not only coexist, but successfully integrate to bring substantial benefits to both Agile and traditional development and testing organisations. This tutorial will show with examples that TMMi and Agile practices effectively work together. The challenge is to apply lean principles and practices to empower Agile practices and facilitate TMMi practices. Whatever you do a key success is always to have the business needs and objectives drive the improvement process.

Key learning points at this tutorial are:

  • to have an overview of and understand the background of the TMMi
  • To understand the basics of test process improvement
  • to be able to assess test maturity using the TMMi as a reference model
  • to understand how to prioritize, define and implement practical test improvement
  • how to apply and use the TMMi beneficially in both traditional and Agile environments

How To Improve Your Test Process With TMMi
Alfonsina Morgavi – Presentation  – Tuesday 21st March 2017

Abstract: TMMi is the instrument to improve test processes, with which an organization can find out how effective and efficient their processes are. Based on practical experiences allows to identify testing strengths and weaknesses as a starting point for improvement.

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