Partner Events

Partner Events

We are please to promote events which have been organised by our Service Provider and Training partners. For further details please contact our partners directly or use the “more details” link provided.




20-21 Nov. 2017

TMMi Professional Training (Czech Republic)
(more details)

24-25 Oct 2017 (Madrid)
28-29 Nov 2017 (Barcelona)

TMMi Professional Training (Spain)
(More Details) Madrid, Barcelona

2 November 2017 (Shanghai)

TMMi Summit (China)
Shanghai  (more details)

22-23 Sept (Shanghai)
22-23 Dec  (Shanghai)

TMMi Professional Training (China)
Shanghai (more details)

16-18 Oct 2017

Test-IT Africa – International Conference
“What Can TMMi Do For You?” see here for more details

3-4 Aug 2017

TMMi Professional Training (Malaysia)
Kuala Lumpur, (more details)

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