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Newsletters now online available on the website

Our newsletters are now available for download on our website. Please check the newsletters on our download page.



First TMMi-Professional training and exam in China

Training was held in Shanghai PuDong Software Park (SPSP), which has picturesque scenary. Training was completed successfully, trainees are were happy with the training and enjoy reading the Little TMMi chinese version as well as watching the video sessions in the books.



TMMi Summit in China

The popularity of the TMMi model is spreading at a rapid pace with and international Summit organised by Shenzen Pioneer Operation Service Co. Ltd in China. It promises to be the biggest event in the region and includes Clive Bates as a speaker. The Summit is on the 2nd November 2017 and recommend you book your seats early to avoid disappointment. Further details can be seen here.


New Case Study – MTP’s relationship with the TMMi model

This is an insightful paper on the journey of MTP with TMMi and how their journey though the different levels of maturity has been nothing but advantageous. Find out more about their incredible results and get their paper from our case study page or for the Spanish version, see here.


New Case Study – How a Technology Client became 1st in
North America to be TMMi Level 3

In this paper Suresh Chandra Bose, Ganesh Bose describe their experiences at the Pacific NW Software Quality Conference (PNSQC 2017) and also answers the questions of:

– Can testing practices/processes be benchmarked by industry standards?
– Can organizations improve effectiveness of testing?
– Can test maturity be sustained?
– What should the implementation plan include to improve testing processes?

More details can be seen here.


Andrew Goslin passed the reigns of the Accreditation Chair to Clive Bates

Today the TMMi Foundation has announced that Andrew Goslin has passed the baton of responsibility for the TMMi Accreditation Chair to Clive Bates. Erik Van Veenedaal the CEO said of Andrew’s long tenure in this role that as well as being a founder member of the TMMi Foundation, Andrew has contributed an enormous wealth of experience which has helped guide the TMMi Model as well as its’ processes and practices, and thanks him for his valuable contributions. In passing over the responsibility to Clive Bates, Andrew is confident that that the role will continue to maintain the high standards in the years to come.

More details about Clive can be seen here.


ITA-STQB is first to create official TMMi Local Chapter

The Italian Software Testing Qualifications Board (ITA-STQB) has become the first to create an official TMMi Local Chapter.

Among some of the benefits for the region are that the local market can now establish an accreditation and certification office to issue TMMi maturity level certifications, manage the certification of TMMi accredited assessors, promote TMMi Service Providers and TMMi Professional Trainers.


MTP recertifies the Indra Production Centres

Indra Production Centres have been recertified to TMMi level 3 by MTP. Details of the recertifivcation can be read here.


TMMi moves to Africa

With in the increasing popularity of TMMi arounf the globe, Clive Bates will be presenting “What Can TMMi Do For You” at this year’s Test-IT Africa – International Conference being held in Johannesburg, South Africa. See here for more details.


First Public TMMi Professional Courses in China

Shenzhen Pioneer Operations Services Co. Ltd., has recently announced the first public course in China for TMMi Professional training, further demonstrating the increased world-wide interest in the popularity of TMMi Professional qualification.


MTP renews their TMMi Service Provider’s accreditation

MTP has just renewed its accreditation as a Service Provider of the TMMi Foundation, and continues to be the only Spanish-speaking company that is able to advise and certify other companies in the TMMi testing model. For further details see here.


TMMi FoundationTMMi use of SCAMPI

The TMMi Foundation are pleased to announce that TMMi assessments using SCAMPI 1.3 or SCAMPI 1.3b will now be accepted. This paves the way for Certified SCAMPI Lead Appraisers to also become accredited TMMi (Lead) Assessors. Andrew Gosling, Accreditation Chair for the Foundation, says of this latest announcement “This is a significant step for The Foundation, and is in response to the many requests from SCAMPI Lead Appraisers. The use of SCAMPI now enables Lead Appraisers, to utilize their  test & software quality management experience / qualifications to conduct TMMi Assessments, as well as providing a path to becoming a TMMi (Lead) Assessor for those with SCAMPI experience”.


First South African TMMi Professional Training Provider comes on board

The TMMi Foundation are pleased to announce that Impimpi Technologies now offer TMMi Professional training in South Africa. Contact Corne Kruger at for more information.


TMMi FoundationTMMi and Agile

The Foundation have now published “TMMi in the Agile world”  which explains in detail how to apply and use TMMi in an Agile context. Thank you to all those who contributed. The document is now available in the Downloads section of our web site and please feel free to send us a message with any questions you may have.


Another Indian TMMi Professional Training Provider comes on board

The TMMi Foundation is pleased to announce that Mindgrace Solutions now offer TMMi Professional training in Pune, India. Contact them at for more information.


TMMi FoundationAward winning TMMi tutorial now coming to Europe

Following on from the the award winning tutorial in Peru earlier this year, Erik Van Veenendaal is bringing his presentation to SEETEST in September 2017, to be held in Sofia

Test Process Improvement with TMMi – also in the Agile era!

Abstract: The Test Maturity Model integration has a rapidly growing uptake and is now the de-facto world-wide standard for test process improvement. Its’ growing popularity is based upon it being the only independent test process improvement model, and the simple presentation of maturity levels that it provides. The mistaken belief is that the TMMi and Agile approaches are at odds. Agile approaches and TMMi can not only coexist, but successfully integrate to bring substantial benefits to both Agile and traditional development and testing organisations. This tutorial will show with examples that TMMi and Agile practices effectively work together. The challenge is to apply lean principles and practices to empower Agile practices and facilitate TMMi practices. Whatever you do a key success is always to have the business needs and objectives drive the improvement process.

Key learning points at this tutorial are:

  • to have an overview of and understand the background of the TMMi
  • To understand the basics of test process improvement
  • to be able to assess test maturity using the TMMi as a reference model
  • to understand how to prioritize, define and implement practical test improvement
  • how to apply and use the TMMi beneficially in both traditional and Agile environments

Don’t miss out. Go to to book your place!


TMMi FoundationAnnouncement: ISTQB to create TMMi Local Chapters

The TMMi Foundation is pleased to announce that the ISTQB Boards in Brazil, South Korea, Italy, France, Finland, India and Australia have signed Memorandums of understanding to start working on establishing a TMMi Local Chapter in their countries. Working in partnership with and supported by the TMMi Foundation, the aim of the local Chapters is to promote the TMMi model, TMMi assessments, and the TMMi Professional certification.

Over 15 ISTQB Boards from every part of the globe have already expressed an interest. Erik Van Veenendaal, CEO of the TMMi  Management Executive commented ; “It is good to see that the work the Foundation has put into the model, training and support has been recognized as providing a valuable contribution to the Test and software quality management community world-wide. The intention of the boards of the ISTQB is further recognition of TMMi being considered the industry standard, and I look forward to building relationships with the ISTQB Boards.”

Further announcements are expected in the near future.


TMMi FoundationErik Van Veenendal announced as new CEO of the TMMi Foundation Management Executive

The TMMi Foundation Board of Directors are pleased to announce that Erik Van Veenendaal has been appointed as the new CEO of the TMMi Management Executive. Erik replaces Klaus Olsen, who has held the position for the last 5 years. Erik is an internationally recognized testing expert, a founder of the TMMi Foundation and one the core developers of the TMMi model.On his appointment, Erik Van Veenendaal thanked Klaus for his involvement in overseeing the development of the TMMi Model, the set up of the now internationally recognized TMMi Professional Certification, and for his guidance in the restructure of the Foundation to meet the demands of an successful industry body.Going forward, Erik says his 3 main priorities in the upcoming period are to take advantage to ever increasing take up of TMMi by continuing to forge relationship with ISTQB bodies around the world in the creation of TMMi Local Chapters, to continue to make TMMi relevant to existing and evolving development methodologies such Agile, and to further professionalize the organization and structure of the TMMi Foundation.For further detail about Erik van Veenendaal can be found at


TMMi FoundationUpdated Assessor Application form released


Case Study – MDP by MTP

A new Case Study has been published from MTP, describing the certification of MDP, a Peruvian company specialising in developing and testing software. using the Foundations own TAM. See the update here.


TMMi FoundationUpdated Fees Document

Updated Assessor Accreditation Criteria


World Software Quality Congress presentation



Erik van Veenedaal – Tutorial 1 – Monday 20th March 2017
7th World Congress for Software Quality
Lima Peru. March 20-22 2017



(How To Improve Your Test Process With TMMi)
Alfonsina Morgavi – Presentation  – Tuesday 21st March 2017
7th World Congress for Software Quality
Lima Peru. March 20-22 2017


UK Home Office re Certification at Level 5

The TMMi Foundation are delighted to confirm that the Home Office have achieved TMMi level 5 certification for the second time running. This is great to see their continued drive to achieve high standards and a continuous process improvement culture including adopting an agile development process within the organisation. – Marc Dunlop

“The external verification of this industry-recognised standard provides us with a useful ongoing quality benchmark in supporting the delivery of our services. We are very pleased to retain Level 5 accreditation”. Steve Connell, Head of QAT Home Office.


World Congress for Software Quality award for best presentation

Erik van Veenendaal‏ – Winner of the best presentation award at the @WCSQ7 doing “Test process improvement with TMMi – also in the Agile era!”.


Case Study – Dell by Cognizant

The first TMMi case study has arrived and has been posted. Go to our Case Studies page to find out about Dell and their TMMi Certification. For details see here


TMMi FoundationSpanish Exams now available

ISQI are meeting the increasing international demand for TMMi Professional Certification by offering exams in Spanish.


Our web site has been launched just in time for the start of the new year. let us know what you think! Here are some messages about our new web site:

Message from Les Murray Chairman TMMi Foundation

“TMMi Foundation (Test Maturity Model integration) performs an important function that directly contributes towards “raising the game” of the software industry.

As the new Chairman, among the first steps taken is the decision to better communicate the principles and tenets of the TMMi Foundation, which I am pleased to say, has resulted in the launch of our new web site at, where our Aims, Objectives and results can be seen, together with supporting information.

Continued involvement by our sponsors, TMMi Certified organizations, and volunteer members from all over the world, has resulted in fast growing numbers of people being qualified as TMMi Professionals. Currently there are 22 recognized Training providers world-wide, helping the TMMi model to become the defacto standard against which organizations can benchmark their software quality management & test practice maturity.

This is an exciting time for the TMMi Foundation, as it develops its organisation structure, messages, and personnel so that it can act as the authoritative voice on improving software quality management and test practices.”

Message from Marc Dunlop – Marketing

“Our new Web Site is the result of TMMi Foundation members volunteering their time and effort to create the design & content, we hope you like the results so far as we continue to enhance the site. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any comments or observations. (marc.gebauer at

If you like our new site, and find the site informative please spread the word in LinkedIn, Twitter and amongst your colleagues.”


Differences between ISO29119 and TMMi

Amongst many of you, there has been discussion regarding the differences between ISO29119 and TMMi. In response to many of you having requested a positioning paper from the TMMi Foundation, today we are making available the findings from our research. Details of the paper can be downloaded from here:

Note that this paper does not provide a quality evaluation of ISO/IEC 29119.