Foundation Structure

Foundation Structure

Board of Directors

The TMMi Governing Body, responsible for the overall Strategy and Governance of the Foundation.

Directors are appointed by the existing Board of Directors. Directors are registered with the Irish Department of trade and comply with the rules regarding applicability to be a Director. Once appointed a Director remains in place until either they resign, or are dismissed for breach of the Article of Association, not fulfilling their role or a breach of the TMMi Foundation rules. The Board of Directors have power of veto over the TMMi Executive Management Team in terms of actions relating to strategic direction, and Finance.

Management Executive

Responsible for the day to day management of the Foundation, reporting to the Board of Directors.

The TMMi Management Executive formally meet four times a year, typically in various locations across Europe. The Management Executive Team member’s positions are apointed by the Board of Directors. Individuals are apointed for a three year period.


Interested individuals who have applied for membership and became a member.

The key role of a member is to review and possibly author TMMi Foundation Intellectual Property. They will be invited to attend and may vote at the TMMi Foundation AGM. They can attend TMMi Management Executive meetings if either authorized by or invited by the TMMi Management Executive Chair.