Foundation Objectives

Foundation Objectives

The TMMi Foundation is intended to:

  • Promote and provide the infrastructure to manage a standard for a TMMi Model available to all
  • Provide the structure to accredit assessment methods
  • Provide an independent process for accrediting assessors and lead assessors and
  • Provide an independent service to validate and certify public TMMi assessment awards

With the following specific objectives:

  • Identifying and securing ownership of the TMMi Model standard and the ongoing Intellectual Property rights
  • Definition of an international core TMMi Model standard and place it in the public domain
  • Creation and management of an independent, unbiased central data repository and provision of industry and other analysis services
  • Provision of an independent accreditation process for TMMi® Assessment Methods based on the standard Model
  • Provision of an independent mechanism to facilitate verification and formal ratification of TMMi assessment ratings
  • Definition and maintenance of independent assessor training, accreditation, guidelines and examinations
  • Provision of a public forum of interested parties to facilitate free interchange of information, education, ideas and usage of the public standard

The resulting enhanced TMMi reference model (the “I” was added to TMM to reflect the link to the CMMi model) together with the assessment method, involved input from over 300 people worldwide from many different industries and in 2013, the model was completed and made publicly available worldwide. See here for details of the latest model: TMMi Framework.